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Zsolt Pozsgai

Zsolt Pozsgai /1960/ is writer and director. He began his career in the theater and has written nearly a hundred dramas, most of them directed by himself. His works have been performed in theaters in Europe, Asia and America. He is the best-known Hungarian author in foreign theaters. In addition to his theater activities, he has been writing screenplays and directing films for twenty years. His filmography includes scripts for TV series – meaning nearly two hundred completed scripts – as well as award-winning feature films. His feature film on Vilmos Zsolnay, THE LOVER OF THE SOIL debuted at the category “A” Goa International Film Festival /India/ – Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Foreign Language Film – and has since been screened at festivals around the world. He is currently working on the preparation of two Hungarian films, which he will shoot as writer and director. He is also the general director of the Pápa International Historical Film Festival

Madeline Hombert

Madeline is an award-winning screenwriter, film producer, book editor, columnist and novelist living in Alberta, Canada. She began writing in high school and was her senior yearbook editor. Her first internationally published article was a story in the women’s publication True Romance. As a columnist, she wrote weekly features for a military newspaper in Calgary and many of her columns were picked up nationally. Her next position was columnist for the Kindersley Clarion. For the past few years Madeline has partnered with writer MICHAEL MARKUS, from Toronto to write screenplays for both film and television. Together they have won many accolades for their screenplays: BOARDGAMES and MADE OF HONOR.

Hakan Ünal

Born in Turkey. In 2008, he did a master’s degree from the screenplay and creating drama program at the University of Toronto. He wrote short stories. In 2015, 2018 and 2020 he made three short films Portakal (Orange), Duvardaki Çatlak (Crack in the Wall) and Allegoria which were selected more than 30 international and won awards. In 2017, his short screenplay ‘Crack in the Wall’ was selected to the Cinephilia Rotterdam International Shorts Lab. He was selected two times to the Reykjavik Talents in 2018 and 2021. In 2020, his short script Kabuk (The Shell) which is on pre-production stage now won the First International Screenplay Award at the 38th edition of Rhode Island International Film Festival (Oscar & Bafta Qualifier). His other recent success was winning Best Short Screenplay category at the Oxford Script Awards festival with his exceptional screenplay called PURGATORIO.

Alexandra Gatto

Alexandra Gatto is based out of British Columbia, Canada and is an internationally awarded screenwriter. Mostly working on comedies, her recent Swapped screenplay has won several recognitions as have her TV pilots. Among her awards and recognitions from this last year are: Chicago Script Awards, Best Script Award - London, Wiki Screenplay Contest, Redwood Shorts & Scripts, New Age Cinemas & Scripts (best dialogue). When not writing Alexandra enjoys playing in the outdoors and chatting with the people she loves.

Nancee LaFayette-Pang

My career in acting and singing started as a young girl in Rhode Island. Education in making movies and television shows began at Apache Land Movie Ranch, Arizona. I also worked as an extra and stunt woman for productions that used the Ranch’s town as a location. In this environment, I worked with many Hollywood Legends including Director Sam Peckinpah, who did “The Wild Bunch”, Elvis Presley and Audie Murphy. Universal Studios was my film school and greatest teacher. This is where I studied the many different aspects of the motion picture industry for thirteen years. All the studio departments (titles, film editing, special effects, etc.) opened their doors and invited me into their domains. It was a great experience to be allowed on sets to watch and learn from many of the great actors, actresses, directors and fine crafts people. I started as a tour guide and worked my way up to middle management. As a tour guide I gave VIP Tours and worked on special events for Mr. and Mrs. Lew Wasserman and other studio executives. At the same time, I was working on my acting and got my first role at Paramount Pictures in “The Day of the Locust” as Ginger Rogers. My studio told me that “…Doris Day’s look was out and so was I.” It was difficult to lose the tour guide image and, being young, I didn’t accept offers from many departments to join them. (Edith Head wanted me to have my head examined.) I kept up with the Industry by continuing my education. I have studied Independent Producing at UC Berkeley, screen-writing seminars and have been perfecting my directing skills.

Josephine Ehlert

Josephine is Screenwriter & Director. Born and raised in East Berlin, Josephine has loved stories ever since she can remember. She wants to hear them, play them, read them and write them herself. Children's book heroes are perhaps her best friends. And so writing becomes her very own world of possibilities and exploration. This is still the case today. She has just finished writing her first novel and is working on several stories that are currently in synopsis, treatment or finished screenplay version. In her stories, Josephine seeks freedom in her mind and heart, always seeking humor and social relevance. She firmly believes that stories make the world a better place because they heal hearts and create shared experiences.

Alan David Pritchard

The multi-award-winning novelist, playwright, poet, screenplay writer, and creator of poetry videos/films. His novel, ‘The Pebble Champion’ was the WINNER of the Best Book Award at the Miracle Makers International Film and Writers’ Festival, 2021. His most recent play/ theatre script, ‘Red-Handed’ was the WINNER at the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival, Bali, 2021. 'One of Us' , his screenplay, was the WINNER, Best Short Screenplay of the Year, Rome Prisma Intl. Film Festival, Rome, Italy, July, 2022