Official Selection

Project TitlePages|DurationWriter|Director
Tangled Tails7 PagesOleg Condrea
Acid101 PagesLuke Hunter
VOODOO VALENTINOS100 PagesMichael Louis Gould
Centurions110 PagesSally Claire Stubbs
What Kind of Woman86 PagesIsraela Margalit
Fatal Deceit103 PagesDan Burle
The Bookseller's Daughter112 PagesCarl Robinson
Emerald City18 PagesDavid Bobrow
Burke and Hare - The West Port Murders90 PagesStephen Hall
The Merriest of All Christmases117 PagesVic Webb Quinton, Rusty Joiner
Viri Utopia20 PagesAzhin SHEKHI
Aris69 PagesV.P. Evans
Reality Is On To Something38 PagesHolly Sawyer
THE MEETING HOUSE97 PagesSophie Neville
Hollywood Adjacent103 PagesRobert Franklin Godwin III
The Eyes Have It8 PagesNicola Gaughan
One More Yesterday116 PagesRonnie Larsen, Dennis Manning
Ruby Ridge116 PagesLawrence Kane
Replacement66 PagesBorys Shusterman
Stevie97 Pagesrobert marshall
The Candyman207 PagesGeorgia May
Water Touching The Rock70 PagesMichael angel Johnson
Goin' Home01:30:00Steven Mark Shaw
MUSIC WILL NEVER BE THE SAME124 PagesPanayotis Mathesis
Legacy9 PagesRogério Ribeiro
THE TRUTH SERUM117 PagesMartin Kenneth Zitter
The King's Friend108 PagesVladimir Vassilenko
Prince of Chicago107 PagesBruce Hickey
Big City Nights: Cisero Murphy Saga129 PagesTyriek A Murphy
A Lonely Dreamer22 PagesJana Dolezalova Montorio
Marquez, Arizona118 PagesBruno Timoteo
Penumbra51 PagesKathryn Radmall
THE TOWER30 PagesCoale Coleman
Tweaking Papers 9 PagesAh Young Shin
The West Texas Waltz120 PagesJohn Paul Porter
Zero Point Girl106 PagesRob Hammond
Old Soldiers91 PagesDavid Carl Raymer
Amnesty Week12 PagesLoretta Bolger Wish
The Friend191 PagesLINDA PALLOTTA
Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER116 PagesPete Borreggine, Gary Hauger
Dissension122 PagesStacey Alan Spivey
JANE and DICK116 PagesDonna Loehrer
Tinker's Christmas104 PagesSandra Jones Cropsey
Product of the System: The Kristopher Sharp Story84 PagesAmanda Turner
The Language of Wolves106 PagesNan Schmid
SINGLE GIRL'S GUIDE TO NARCISSISTS83 PagesDiane Thomassin, Michael Miceli
Broken Bottles29 PagesCooper McDaniel Owen
The Hoodie & the High Rip Gang93 PagesKenny O'Connell
SEIZED41 PagesChaz Fatur
The Academy of Kings 134 PagesMarine Claire Puel
Thurlow Road116 PagesClaire Lewis
Angus' Birthday Bash49 PagesCraig George Terrell Morris
The Stylite502 PagesShane Hallawa
The Stylite - Christmas in Alexantine112 PagesShane Hallawa
Take This Faux Turkey and Shove It!10 PagesMia Rivera
FISH FETISH13 PagesRay DeFeis
Woman of Stone23 PagesJessica Wolf
Super Troopers106 PagesHarry J C Mayers
Full Circle110 Pagesjon conor Gorman
The Void57 PagesDavid Canetti
Overwhelming Darkness105 PagesSteven Abel Hart
A Gift of The Heart96 PagesAndrew Heller
Tattoo116 PagesKonrad Maximilian Piotrowski
Last Tattoo30 PagesStephanie M Barton-Farcas
RoY103 PagesKonrad Maximilian Piotrowski
Music Therapy100 PagesMichael Andrew Fitzer
The God Particle -' RESURRECTION'118 PagesTom Rico
Lucid Dreams128 PagesBenjamin Neuberger
Whiskey Ambitions59 PagesBenjamin Neuberger
The Arrangement103 PagesDon L. Lorincz
Queen of Hearts102 PagesKathleen Welton
Fire Talker20 PagesMary Emily Deal
Welcome to GaryTown120 PagesSeth Nelson
A Drawer Full of Socks and Not a Single Pair138 PagesGareth Meadows
A S Y L U M91 PagesTy Caudle
The Shaolin Nun118 PagesGianluca Danieli
Mr. Shakespeare's Plays120 PagesChristena Ann Alcorn
The Nephew96 PagesHelen Georgiou
The Untouchable Student16 PagesJames Montague Freeman
Hammer and Nails107 PagesLowell Williams
The Boys I Never Kissed66 PagesChristina Offley
In The Shadows of November54 PagesBill Albert
Beyond The Rivers of Babylon 105 PagesLaura Elliott, Joseph Samuels
An Act Of Conscience133 Pagesbarry cole
Shine Box90 PagesTheodore Adams
The Thieves Road90 PagesHarris W Freedman
CHIEF129 PagesMyrton W Running Wolf
Toxic, Needy59 PagesAnna Wright
Call Me Norma17 PagesRebekah Scheffelmaier
Immunity 101 PagesShari Umansky
Queer Cowfolk: The Gay Rodeo Musical111 PagesBear Kosik
'Til the Buzzer Sounds90 PagesMike Alter
The Long Dark Climb114 PagesColin Francis Costello
Powder Milk and Ice Cream99 PagesBrian Jewell
Bad Love Strikes119 PagesKevin Schewe
Sicilian Knots95 PagesWm. Hovey Smith
The Secret Life Of Jake Edwards54 PagesJeff Edmond
Aromcom12 PagesKatrina Jackson
Reunion97 PagesAnhtuan Do
Escape to Hollow Earth120 PagesColin K. Stewart
Grounded in Éire104 PagesRalph Keefer
The Three Blinded Mice46 PagesMyrah Samantha Duckworth
The Great White World108 PagesBruce James Clark
The Sting in the Tail100 PagesPatrick Carr
The Cage120 PagesGary DeMoss
The Oxford Journal110 PagesLeanna Woodley
Operation Sacred Cows130 PagesLuca Giaggiolo
Requiem at Mud Lake105 PagesLarry Thomas
The 49th Day104 PagesCraig Peters
PENELOPE'S WAR!!120 PagesNancy "Sunny" Ellis, Marc L. Ellis