Official Selection

Project Title
Flawed Choir47 PagesSlava Stepnov
Little Warrior75 PagesHuw Lewis
Marzipan79 PagesTheo Herghelegiu
Happily Never After92 PagesAlec Cuddeback
“The Guide”109 PagesHenry Radoff, Kris White
CHROMA KEYNot specifiedMax Puglisi
The Arrangement100 PagesKátia Kieling
Power Move94 PagesMichael Ellis
Magic Man96 PagesRobert Isabella
Pirandello’s Wife90 PagesLynn Elliott
Playground Insults6 PagesToby Smith
Refractions10 PagesPaula Rossman
Modesty Blaise: Return From Limbo138 PagesBruce Clark
ALSOS: The Hunt For Hitler’s A Bomb120 PagesJerry L Wager
Tethered100 PagesBrad Brookes
Kerry Cowboys160 PagesZeff Lawless
Death Cloak55 PagesMarkus Meedt, Catherine O’Shea
LA VIE ABSURDE124 PagesDana Cronin
The Travel Writer120 PagesLaurence Deblinger
An Unfamiliar Life108 PagesToni D’Antonio, Mitch del Monico
Six Impossible Things105 PagesAmanda Nitsa Oz
Perry120 PagesRJ Watson
The Kaufman Letter86 PagesBruce James Clark
A Normal Life16 PagesXiaoxuan Qu
becoming.87 PagesMatthew T Parvin
I’ll Be Doggone119 PagesRobert Cole
The Etruscan Angel15 PagesStefano Rovetto
America the Land of the Free?53 PagesKandis Heckler
The Hotstar Grand Hotel30 PagesMartin Oliver
In McMurtry’s Shadow40 PagesWayne Allen Gibson
Belinda & the Great Storm85 PagesAngeline Walsh
Teacher Problems2 PagesKari Whaley
Not Gauguin12 PagesJeffrey Morin
House on Fire 62 PagesGrace Melville
Qualia110 PagesNatalie Fellowes
The Leading Star21 PagesSophia Chou, Todd Lien
Brothers of Babylon 99 PagesGabriel Womack
RINGO20 PagesMathew David Tekulsky
THE MASTER’S SON102 PagesGuy Quigley
The Change117 PagesCynthia Zeiden
DOMMES Pilot L29 PagesRichard Sloggett
’7933 PagesKacy Boccumini
A Shared Man109 PagesHeidi Walter
The Dead Chip Syndicate120 PagesAndrew W. Pearson
IN BAD COMPANY 96 PagesKe De Sol
Greeks Have Fallen55 PagesMKeyah D. Franklin
Get Schlossed98 PagesStewart Fergus
The Immaculate Deception124 PagesStewart A Fergus
“The Rock in the Sea”23 PagesNiall Duffy
SHE WAS LEFT ALONE47 PagesSuz FM Carr, Bela Wolf
BLACK FOREST MYSTERY119 PagesJaroslaw Gogolin
LIGHT YEARS66 PagesJaroslaw Gogolin
A Cozy Little Town103 PagesEdward Hicklin
Evergreen21 PagesMashae Delores Alderman
Mrs Saxena at the Hotel Grand88 PagesYanush AHY
Driven to the Edge113 PagesJohn C Vanderberg, Kevin Pike
Majesty41 PagesJoseph Anthony Francis
Screwed sp, a comedy of manners in word and song124 PagesIsraela Margalit, Oran Eldor
Revolving Doors29 PagesJim Falletta
The Manhattan Project108 PagesJanet Walker
Outcasts27 PagesBeck Bennion, Jess Faulstich
Who’s There?149 PagesSandra Cropsey
Cruise of the Amberjack114 PagesE. Lyn Foster
TOUCHED61 PagesCJ Morrison
Winter Bird109 PagesStephen Delos Treacy
Unspoken Love114 PagesMartha Grace Jorja Evans
Chateau de Tarot107 PagesReid J. Barwick
Curbside Service 94 PagesChristan Van Slyke
Wealdmount House100 PagesLuke Anthony Walker
Crowd Control119 PagesJudith Bunting
Predator Origins: She-Predator130 PagesMichael John Chase
X THE END TIME  (WGA 2131583)80 PagesSezer Sean Gok
A Secret Life105 PagesBarry Siskind
In Vitro34 PagesJames Charles Edward Reynolds
SEAHORSE114 PagesZanna Cardash
The Screening93 PagesRyan Adolph
Long Time Comin’111 PagesMatthew T Parvin
Literally Too Mad To Die118 PagesC. Raymond Martin
Mountains of Glory (The Snow Leopards of Spiti Valley)40 PagesNeil Mukherjee