Official Selection

Project Title
The War Unspoken25 PagesAndrea Miranda Gonzalez
Open Road76 PagesRocco Cataldo, Amy Guth
Connie and Me47 PagesMaria Shehata
The Misadventures of Billie Jean87 PagesDon Willis
Meeting Director Sam Peckinpah61 PagesNancee LaFayette
Bad Love Tigers94 PagesKevin Schewe
THE IMPAIRER99 PagesZsolt Pozsgai
Out of her shadow15 PagesClara Cantos
KHAKI CHUMS93 PagesLawrence Thelen
EATING RHODE ISLAND79 PagesLawrence Thelen
PIE IN THE SKY90 PagesLawrence Thelen
A Tale of Two Buses78 PagesPG Hodgson
Citizen Swiatlo Proposal & Bible75 PagesChristopher Swider
Deadline To Death29 PagesElliot Stanton
Mary and Dionysus89 PagesIannis Aliferis
High Crimes51 PagesMelanie Abrams Fierstein
Duty112 PagesAnthony Ford
Alta California100 PagesLynn H. Elliott
The Script, a Celtic Horror Tale90 PagesLynn H. Elliott
Sleepwalkers Bay100 PagesDaisy McClelland Borders
LOAF THE CAT20 PagesTatiana Edel
Marzipan79 PagesTheo Herghelegiu
ILL9 PagesJuan Guglieri
The Pamster9 PagesJill Alexandra Riley
MAX AND MARIA77 PagesRosalyn Rosen
Winds of Transition103 PagesSil Brook
Eleno69 PagesStephen Floyd
No Single Stone120 PagesStephen D Floyd
Liza Rose80 PagesKevin Joseph Silva
MUSE89 PagesKelsey Dougherty
The Chance12 PagesTerry Luke Podnar
“Sheep-ish” Series Pilot30 PagesNich Esposito
Thank You For Your Service90 PagesNich Esposito, David Fieman
Bloodlines59 PagesHoyt Hilsman
Reverend Tyrone102 PagesHoyt Hilsman
Dominus21 PagesDark Hoffman
Fertility52 PagesElizabeth Lewis
Box of Hope100 PagesGlenna Goodman
Hollywood Park111 PagesGlenna Goodman
Bad Day25 PagesGlenna Goodman
Novmber Snow35 PagesGlenna Goodman
Paradise for Beginners160 PagesBruce Clark
Old Heart 72 PagesRoger Rapoport
The Chrome Cotillion89 PagesLawrence Whitener, Adam Amirian
Not So Different 6 PagesSoda S Persi
Harlem, 1917107 PagesJeremy Cohen
Bad Seeds Series Pilot50 PagesSean Nash
Inked  in Blood116 PagesPaul Corricelli
I Am Not HereNot mentionedTallal Khan Dahar
“Hallelujah” 30 PagesZeff Lawless
Safe House18 PagesZeff Lawless
Re-Emerge81 PagesSean Hynes
Escaping Honour75 PagesSean Hynes
KATIE22 PagesTerry Victor
Myth85 PagesRicky Hawthorne
THE CONDUITS120 PagesKaty Chance
In the Dark 135 PagesDorothy Leiper and Fernando Monteiro
Under the Leaves44 PagesAaron A Moore
Wrath111 PagesLarry J. Martin
Sestra 1 117 PagesAli Jordan
Sestra 2130 PagesAli Jordan
Collision of Duty105 PagesJermaine Jones
Jupiterians90 PagesVeronica R. Tabares
Quick Quick Slow87 PagesJett Garrison
Lady Seraphim116 PagesJermaine Jones
A Player’s Paradox109 PagesGrace Sargeant
Anna Key169 PagesMatt Anderson, Amanda Megan
The Unknown Soldiers104 PagesLawrence Whitener
The Other Part of the Picture122 PagesPeter Hardy
The Secret Codex113 PagesKevin Pike, Hans Sluijter
The Fourteen Days110 PagesOleksandr Chernega
The Recital113 PagesHelen Louise Taylor
The Education of Carol and Michael Braden60 PagesHenry S Brown
The scheme15 PagesDiego Trovarelli
BOX OF GLASS120 PagesKevin J. Howard
Gemini60 PagesAlex Vickery-Howe
Three For Hire: Revenge of the Mescalero Apache108 PagesDAN BURLE, SR
Raised By Warriors122 PagesTHOMAS BRANNAGAN
BEYOND THE MOON106 PagesKen Jones, Suzanne Fitzpatrick
BOSS TWEED117 PagesJames B. Saunders
RAGTIME WARRIOR102 PagesJames B. Saunders
Comeback in Vienna 115 PagesMarc Baron, Richard Wolf
The Treacherous Border115 PagesLawrence Watson
Between the Salt and the Sky110 PagesPamela Hunt
ROUGH CUT33 PagesMatthew Margo
THE HONOR KILLING82 PagesGuy Quigley
John’s Journey87 PagesPaul Hodgson
The Mortality Game114 PagesEd Vela
Dick 2.0112 PagesHenry Sarwer-Foner, Noel Baker
M – Demon Killer120 PagesMark William Hammond
Thou shalt not jettison the doyens96 PagesDavid China Woolf
Piccolo Santino Pilot65 PagesSal Mallimo
The Man Who Killed the World96 PagesGuy Ducker
Tables – A Violent World Story20 PagesRoberto J. Gomez, Marc Alan Kropfl
Jail Break107 PagesJordan Taylor
Hard Candy Christmas120 PagesNick Abdo
Do Unto Others15 PagesJoseph Michael Leone
Self-Help – Pilot31 PagesBethan Williams, Tom Bridger
THE PERFECT SON143 PagesLaMont Prospect
An Absence of Defensive Injuries7 PagesChloe Banks
PRIPYAT27 PagesAlicia Hayes
Kate’s Ballad20 PagesRory O’Connor
Blood Knot15 PagesMichael Greene
Color Blind120 PagesKarinthal McCray
Outlined In Chalk118 PagesKarinthal McCray
Whispers94 PagesAndre Schuck
The Christians – Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile120 Pagestony GIOUTSOS
Brotherly Hate16 PagesElliot Stanton
Pussy90 PagesPayton Alexa McCarty-Simas
Apples For Victory121 PagesKurt Stephen St. Angelo
A Ghastly Sight 102 PagesDavid Wang
Glow In The Dark104 PagesLuke Anthony Walker
The New Wine120 PagesMatthew Douglas Pinard
Shaneeka and Hoss26 PagesGlenn L Lissner
El Capitan 120 PagesRaul Cantu
SAFFRON90 PagesHamid Tamjidi
South of Main Street125 PagesRobert Gately
The Immortal Jack the Ripper119 PagesPhillip Hardy
The Short Film Club20 PagesDarren Stokes, Matthew Bancroft
White Trash106 PagesA. Christian
Lunch Lady7 PagesColleen Asbury
Cinder32 PagesAshley Seybolt
Tears of a Death Maiden54 PagesNathanial House
HELL BENT FOR LEATHER111 PagesRobert Alan Wagner
The Basement104 PagesMarietta Birbili
LOSING GLORIA90 PagesMadeleine Wynn
Our Special Place97 PagesHuw Lewis
SamsaraNot mentionedRamona Leigh Taylor
Stone’s Compass102 PagesRamona Leigh Taylor
New Dawn100 PagesRamona Leigh Taylor
Soul Survivors – An Obsession Of The Heart Part One95 PagesAdam Poulos
Le Train121 PagesWilliam C Swanson
Home For Christmas98 PagesJoseph Anthony Francis
Windy City55 PagesJoseph Anthony Francis
Code name – Red Crow10 PagesGiorgio Marconi
Nobody’s Heroes100 PagesMichael Alan Elliott
Old Friends6 PagesSian Walker
Pomegranate108 PagesJames Brown
HARASSMENTS97 Pagesgustavo Gustavo Duc
Whistler’s Mother & His Mistresses73 PagesRich Figel
John Horse 105 PagesWalt Alexander , James Riordan 
No Address102 PagesJulia Verdin, James Papa
When in Rome33 PagesAmy Amani
When Good Men Do Nothing233 PagesSteve Crawshaw
Voices111 PagesSusan Klos
Cesar and Max105 PagesSusan Klos
HONJO64 PagesAngelo Miguel Rocha, John Christopher Lubarsky
The Warden’s List120 PagesKarinthal McCray
To Have You 72 PagesZahrasadat Hendizadeh
Charley from the War36 PagesTerry Lynam
A Package of Dreams24 PagesBradley M. Look
Digging Up the Past10 PagesHelen Rana
Not All Is Lost10 PagesSophie von Rheden
The Curse of Leap Castle31 PagesZeff Lawless, Derek Carroll
Digital14 PagesKristen Brookman
Dead Soul130 Pagesmarie Vandelannoote
VOYAGER106 PagesKevin J. Howard
Lunimetarius120 PagesPAOLA FABIANI
Dash Away All116 PagesJoseph Anthony Francis
Mrs. Nicholls120 PagesChristina Ajalat
The Fighting First130 PagesAlex Peter Stephens
Straw on the Camel15 PagesLacye A Brown
The Shadow PPL99 PagesLacye A Brown
Road Kill10 PagesPeter Gould
Rodeo Queen114 PagesZachary Ernest Hadden
Muted For Justice58 PagesAmy Marie Philbert-Serna
CornStalkers102 PagesMichael L Bayouth
Alexandra and the Violin116 PagesEric Ross Gilliatt
Rest Area12 PagesMatthew Buzzell
Ink Genes15 PagesCindy Hossain
Sadist54 PagesJennifer Jean Anderson
MALLed86 PagesJanna Jones
Seven Moments in Time12 PagesDave Thomas
Not My Secret To Tell20 PagesKarla S Bryant
Olde Man104 PagesMelvin Leroy Abercrombie
First Responder103 PagesDarryl Gardner
Sword of the Kremlin118 PagesAlexander David Rosenstein
Beyond Space 13 PagesGiuseppe Carrieri
LockedNot mentionedMéabh de Brún
Hybrids89 PagesRobert Kouba
Pension Plan19 PagesNatalie Hunter
DANDELION WISHES22 PagesSammy Kistell
Cut the Cord: The Hedgehog’s Leap114 PagesKostan Chess
Centurions100 PagesSally Claire Stubbs
The Fool | A Villain’s Story129 PagesMason Aksamit
Bearing Witness117 PagesWindsor Racine
Eddie Vic121 PagesKevin Pike, Kathy Douglass
Pleasure Girl128 PagesEstelle Asmodelle
Stranded in Perth87 PagesVictoria Eugenia Francolino
Unspeakable100 PagesWayne Egon Christensen, Leroy Stringer, Jr.
Judas’ Chariots120 PagesRonan O’Sullivan
A Broken Soldier112 PagesNoel Kearns
Mori6 PagesSabrina John
Influencer Psychology26 PagesWendy Bustamante
Piglet49 PagesChris Rust
The Adagio101 PagesGerald C Wood
GHOSTED, WITH LOVE 114 PagesBob Canning
Winter Bird109 PagesStephen Delos Treacy
Road Man109 PagesMark Sawyer
Journal of My Other Self88 PagesNicolas Walker
Lords of Hogtown105 PagesPat A Brown
So Hard to Die23 PagesJamison Ashley Braly
Mon Meilleur Ami86 PagesBruce Robert Notman
Reptile Logic62 PagesMatthew Paul Wexler
The Old Ways80 PagesJohn Rice
Existential59 PagesMarie B
The Dead Ringer95 PagesSuzanne LUTAS
CALL ME DEBRA120 PagesAgustin S McCarthy, Melanie RW Oram
Trulli Love90 PagesChristine Alfano, Ivana Coleman
The Prosecutor’s Witness115 PagesDonald Schwartz
The Jig is Up95 PagesMaire Patricia Clerkin
Bright-Line114 PagesShannon Julia Tweed
The Friendship of Fish6 PagesLisanne Louise van Ingen
Life’s A Ball20 PagesPhilippa Rae
Goodbye TedNot mentionedGed
The Seventh Robe36 PagesGed Maybury
Friends of Mary104 PagesJames Grant
The Secret Notes of Professor Thomas107 PagesJoni Ravenna, Joshua Townshend-Zellner
Teancum132 Pagesmark nevill parker
FOR THE LOVE OF LATTE103 Pagesmiriam e bavly
Gadolla100 PagesMaik Gieszler
Dreamers15 PagesOlivia Webb
THE LAST ROYALS TV Series Episode 1. Freedom?60 PagesAmita Sarin
A Skirt That Bleeds8 PagesAbhishek Mishra
 A Halloween Nightmare99 PagesIrene Dolnick
Gimme Shelter Part Three 110 PagesKevin O’Neal AKA Dave Davidson
Locked in72 PagesJosephine Ehlert
BOARDGAMES102 PagesMadeline Hombert, Michael Markus
The Devil Pulls the Strings54 PagesJ. W. Zarek
Swapped107 PagesAlexandra Purdy Gatto