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Powder Milk and Ice Cream

Written by: Brian Jewell

Number of Pages: 99 Pages

Country of Origin: Australia

Forging a friendship can sometime be difficult. But not for these two twelve-year-olds, like Joey, a shy introvert, who secretly falls in love with his best friend, Mandy. As they navigate the complexities of friendship, love, and self-discovery. Through their shared adventures and experiences, they form a deep bond that is tested by Mandy’s tumultuous relationship with David. The story takes a tragic turn, leaving their friends, families and the community to grapple with the aftermath.

I was born to Tony and Pauline Jewell in Leeton, New South Wales, Australia, in 1963. I studied dramatic arts and went on to be cast in stage productions like The Wizard of Oz, Up the Down Staircase, Big Rock at Candy’s Mountain and others. In 1981, at seventeen, I pursued a career in the Australian Army. After two blocks of Military service, spanning over twelve years, I became a Health Care Professional. I took up screen acting in 2014. Then, in 2018, my partner convinced me to put pen to paper, and I wrote my story “Fields of Green”. I’ve now written my second screenplay, “Powder Milk and Ice Cream”. Both are snippets of my life experiences over the past sixty years.

“Powder Milk and Ice Cream” is a story very close to my heart. The audience is unaware that the older man (Brian) is actually Joey until the end of the story. My middle name is Joseph. My parents always called me Joe. Mandy was my very special friend, and I did have a big crush on her. We had a fantastic friendship. My life changed the day Mandy lost her life. I still miss her today. I want to share my secret love for Mandy to the world.

'Til the Buzzer Sounds

Written by: Mike Alter

Number of Pages: 90 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

38-year-old graphic designer Emmett Reeves lives in Duluth, Minnesota with his wife Lily and two kids – Ava and Evan. Despite Lily’s reservations, Emmett continues playing recreational hockey, believing it teaches his kids to live fully. Emmett also encourages his talented hockey player daughter Ava to develop her skills.

After suffering persistent heartburn, Emmett is diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He undergoes chemotherapy, trying to balance treatment, family, and work. However, the cancer spreads to his ribs and liver. His doctor regretfully informs Emmett, who is now facing terminal illness, and Lily, who is newly pregnant, that treatments are now only palliative.

With only months left to live, Emmett is determined to continue playing hockey and inspire Ava to attend a USA Hockey national development camp, despite her fears of not being good enough. As Emmett’s health rapidly declines, he takes time to thoughtfully write goodbye letters to his family.

Emmett passes away peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones. At his funeral, Ava shares how Emmett’s zest for hockey and grace inspired her. Going through Emmett’s desk, Lily finds his letter encouraging her to coach hockey.

Two months later, Lily coaches Ava’s team. Ava attends the national camp wearing her father’s jersey number. Emmett’s team memorializes him by adding his initials and number to their jerseys, honoring his talents and passions.

The Stylite - Christmas in Alexantine

Written by: Shane Hallawa

Number of Pages: 112 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

The country and world are returning to normal after the defeat of the Daemoklos demons by the stylites and the Saracen. Now at Christmastime in the rising city of Alexantine, Teresa Amadei is mourning the loss of her old friend Alice Marion, and meditating on life and death as Christmas Day approaches.

But while she and her cousin/fellow stylite Matthew Abbate meet friends and family, an old threat looms again with the return of the Azdharkins, descendants of humans raptured from Earth by the Daemoklan Azhgok 1500 years ago. Teresa and Matthew, on the advise of their mentor, the desert hermit Father Simon, befriend the four Taishis, vigilantes who fought and defeated the Kingdom of the Red Sun crime syndicate using ancient and modern technology. This group of six must prepare to face Azhgok in the wilds of Turkestan before he can re-establish his demonic kingdom on Earth.

The novelization of my story “The Stylite” is now available on Amazon.
I have developed a list of actors and actresses who I believe could play the characters in the story. Any who are interested in the script can discuss casting possibilities with me.

The Stylite

Written by: Shane Hallawa

Number of Pages: 502 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

Adapted from my novel “The Stylite” now out on Amazon.

Teresa Amadei is a young stylite, a wandering, ascetic demon hunter, trained in the Way of Fire. Her teacher, Father Simon, a Byzantine martial artist monk, sends her on a journey to the city of Alexantine in the Midwestern US, where many are moving to escape the growing chaos in the world. Along the way she stops at towns and cities and battles the Daemoklos, demons who have escaped from their prison, to seal them away by writing them back into their eponymous grimoire. She is aided by her older cousin and fellow stylite, Matthew Abbate, and crosses paths with the mysterious black knight, the Saracen, with his own agenda.

The novelization of my story “The Stylite” is now available on Amazon.
I have developed a list of actors and actresses who I believe could play the characters in the story. Any who are interested in the script can discuss casting possibilities with me.

The Language of Wolves

Written by: Nan Schmid

Number of Pages: 106 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

After being embedded with the U.S. military in Afghanistan, which ends in tragedy, a journalist heads to rural Maine to fully recover and finds herself on the frontlines of another battle, between a family of wolves and the ruthless land developer who wants them hunted down.

After a comrade dies in a horrific incident on the frontlines in Afghanistan, a war correspondent, forced to take time off, travels to Maine, only to stumble upon a exotic-animal hunting resort that threatens the local wolf population. When two wolf pups come under her care, she risks everything to stop the corruption and return the wolves to their pack.

Tinker's Christmas

Written by: Sandra Jones Cropsey

Number of Pages: 104 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

Asked to babysit his grandsons, Poppy reads Tinker’s Christmas to them, and the animated fantasy comes to life. The story takes on special meaning to Tim and Mattey, as Tim is experiencing some of the same social problems as Tinker.
Tinker, a young intern elf at Christmas Village, is uncommonly clumsy and lacks a basic belief in himself. Santa asks Father Chris to try to help Tinker find his particular ability—his gift.
Father Chris invites Tinker to share his cottage, but when Tinker nearly sets fire to the cottage, Tinker insists on moving. When assigned to take care of the reindeer, Tinker experiences two more mishaps. As a result of these mishaps, the other elves taunt and tease Tinker. Alone and lonely, Tinker’s best friend becomes a chimpanzee named Mathias. Upon failing at all previous assignments, when Tinker is assigned to work in the mechanical toy department, to everyone’s surprise, Tinker performs quite well and eventually becomes Chief Mechanic of the Christmas Village Express.
A week before Christmas, Tinker visits Father Chris, whose niece Pixie is also visiting. Immediately smitten, Tinker becomes so nervous he falls and accidentally sets his hat on fire. Sweet and kind, Pixie is also smitten.
During Tinker’s visit, Santa arrives to inform them that the reindeer have the chicken pox. When Santa asks Father Chris and Tinker about the possibility of delivering the toys in the train, Tinker says he can both modify and fly the train. All agree that Tinker would need help with the tasks; Tinker suggests Mathias, as no other elf would be willing to assist him. To everyone’s surprise, Pixie also volunteers. Reluctantly, Father Chris agrees, a decision that will test his own beliefs.
After the modifications to the train are completed, the little troop practices at an abandoned farm. All goes well until the barn upon which they are to land collapses. Tinker points out that the rafters of the barn are rotted and most likely would not have held the sleigh either. After additional modifications to the train, the next day they accomplish their practice goal.
Upon loading the train for the Christmas Eve run, Santa reminds everyone that just as they open their hearts to the world, they must open them to each other.
The train-flying troop is successful, and when they return home, they find everyone waiting for them with a banner, a band, and a parade. When Tinker finds his gift, he also finds acceptance.
As Father Chris observes the celebration, he surmises, “Sometimes we simply believe, sometimes we practice believing, and sometimes we must test our beliefs.”
Throughout the story, Poppy takes time to talk to Tim and Mattey about being the story, and by story’s end, both Tim and Mattey have learned much about true gifts.
Tinker’s Christmas is a story about belief—belief in yourself, belief in your family and friends, belief in something greater than yourself.

Please note: Through a Grassroots Arts Program grant, Tinker’s Christmas was recorded as a radio drama and as such was a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s “Book of the Year Awards.” Original music was also included in the production. Tinker’s Christmas was also selected as suggested reading by the “Character Counts” program in that it met three of the six points of developing character. Photos from the book can be seen on website: Should you desire to see the book, the recording, or both, I would be happy to supply them.

2022 – Who’s There? Quarter-finalist in Faith in Film competition
2022 – “All My Trials, Lord” quarter-finalist in Emerging Screenwriters Drama Screenplay
2021 – Completion of biography Clarence Cross – Gentleman Farmer
2018 – Life Like a Fair semi-finalist in 2017 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest
2017 – “All My Trials, Lord” semi-finalist in Acclaim film competition
2016 – Book Tinker’s Christmas quarterfinalist Story Pro Awards
2015 – Staged reading of Playmate by Main Street Players
2011 – Awarded grant for reading for play reading
2011 – Selected as one of “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading 2010-2011”
2010 – Directed Who’s There? with Main Street Players*
2009 – Rec’d GAP grant to produce Who’s There? with Main Street Players
2009 – Tinker’s Christmas radio drama finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s “Book of the Year Awards”
2008 – Tinker’s Christmas aired as radio drama
2008 – Who’s There? nominated for EVVY award
2008 – Who’s There? finalist “Book of the Year Awards”
2008 – Who’s There? finalist “Georgia Author of the Year Awards”
2007 – novel Who’s There? Published by Outskirts Press
2004 – story The Legend of White Wolf published in Snake~Nation~Review
2004 – play Playmate, “honorable mention” in Jane Chambers Playwriting Competition
2004 – screenplay Life Like a Fair recognized in American Screenwriters
Association & Writer’s Digest annual competition
2004 – Life Like a Fair rec’d “honorable mention” American Gem Short Script Contest
2004 – radio drama Life Like a Fair aired nationally & internationally
2003 – play Jesus Called published in Snake~Nation~Review
2003 – screenplay Jesus Called finalist in Tuscan Film Competition
2003 – story The Legend of White Wolf 2nd place, Porter Fleming Literary Competition
2002 – children’s book Tinker’s Christmas published
2002 – play Jesus Called 2nd place in Porter Fleming Literary Competition
2002 – screenplay Jesus Called “honorable mention” in competition
sponsored by American Gem Shorts
2001 – screenplay Who’s There? rec’d “honorable mention” in int’l competition
sponsored by American Screenwriters Association and Writer’s Digest

*Who’s There? was produced by the Main Street Players of Giffin, GA with a run date of
February 25 – March 7, 2010

Writing encompasses most genres including playwriting, screenwriting, children’s stories, novels, devotionals, and on occasion a poem or two.

Zero Point Girl

Written by: Rob Hammond

Number of Pages: 106 Pages

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

After a teenage girl and her father encounter aliens, they fight a rogue airforce general to be able to publicise a world saving technology.

Rob is an author, inventor and entrepreneur. He has published four books, invented and owned two patents for best selling products, built and sold two businesses and found time to raise four children. He lives in the UK by the sea.


Written by: Martin Kenneth Zitter

Number of Pages: 117 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

When a Soviet pianist-turned-spy is kidnapped and drugged in San Francisco, he uses the experience to hatch an audacious plan to secretly dose world leaders with truth serum in a bid for global peace and harmony.

Former bohemian, beatnik, hippie, USAF Air Traffic Controller, and Merrill Lynch stockbroker. Married … with grown children, retired, and living in historic Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena, California.

The screenplay follows Soviet pianist and war hero Dimitri Bukov who is sent on a spy mission to the United States to uncover secrets about American truth serums. He is kidnapped and drugged in San Francisco as part of a CIA operation, but escapes with evidence of the program. Dimitri then partners with American psychologists Timothy and Mary Leary to secretly dose world leaders with the serum to promote world peace and harmony. The plan culminates on the first day of Spring 1956 as Dimitri leads simultaneous “peace” toasts with drugged cola drinks at high-level government meetings in the US, USSR, UN, and UK. In the end, Dimitri returns to his wife Anna and they have another child, with the message that peace and harmony prevailed in the world.

Viri Utopia

Written by: Azhin SHEKHI

Number of Pages: 20 Pages

Country of Origin: Luxembourg

In a society where individuals are confined to predetermined gender roles, Lillian challenges the expectations placed upon her. Assigned to a powerful man, Dynastes, she dares to challenge the norms that control society. With the support of her friend Lavinia and others who share her desires for change, Lillian seeks to unravel the restrictive system and find her own path to freedom.

Azhin Shekhi is Writer and Director, He graduated from the Physics Department at Koya University. His first work in Cinema starts in 2019 by Directing Between Life and Death short film and then he participated as a crew in other productions, in 2021 he made his second short film (Reborn: past is now).

What Kind of Woman

Written by: Israela Margalit

Number of Pages: 86 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

On a fall morning Carlie steps onto the porch of her home in Connecticut and drinks her first cup of coffee, entirely unaware that her life is about to turn upside down. Interweaving reality, fantasy, memory, dreams, fears and hopes, she explores her relationships until she thinks she’s ready to face the next chapter of her life—is she—?

Israela Margalit is a playwright and a screen writer, an author and an internationally-known concert pianist and recording artist, with awards and honors in all categories. They include: Gold Medal, the New York Television and Film Festival; Best Screenplay the New York Film Awards; Best Screenplay/Feature Vegas Movie Awards; Best Short Screenplay Vienna Indie Shorts Film Festival; Best Thriller Screenplay Festigious International Film Festival LA; Honorable Mention Best Screenplay FilmCon Awards, Honorable Mention Outstanding Play the New York 15 minute Play Festival; Prime Time Emmy Nomination; Best CD the British Music Industry Awards; Runner up the Leapfrog Press Fiction Prize (story collection;) Finalist the Long Island Film Festival, the Vancouver Independent Film Festival; the Tennessee Williams Short Fiction Contest.


Written by: Sally Claire Stubbs

Number of Pages: 110 Pages

Country of Origin: Canada

An awkward eighteen-year-old who lives to make films is stubbornly silent when interrogated by savvy detectives about a missing boy – his best friend – but his memories, fantasies, film footage, and an unexpected visitor unlock the secrets he holds closest to protect the girl of his dreams.

Sally Stubbs is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and educator who sometimes acts, directs, and produces. Much of her writing is inspired by true stories, both personal and historical. A recent convert to screenwriting, her work includes: Centurions (feature screenplay), Underbelly (TV Pilot), and Doors & Windows (short). Her stage plays include: Our Ghosts, Wreckage, Herr Beckmann’s People, And Bella Sang with Us, Centurions, Doors & Windows, and, in process: Polly in the Penthouse: A Spirited Cabaret. Sally studied and performed theatre in Canada and abroad. She completed Masters Degrees, in Art History and Writing, at University of Victoria, where she also taught playwriting. She is particularly pleased to have received the Canada Peace Play Prize for Herr Beckman’s People and a Prime Minister’s Award for her work with youth and theatre and to be a co-founder and advisor of the CASA Project, which aims to support women-identified playwrights living in South Africa. Sally, her partner, and their kitty live in Vancouver, but spend as much time as possible on Vancouver Island where she grew up.

Sand: Part I "Invasion"

Written by: Rhyess Nash

Number of Pages: 93 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

After an invading foreign army razes their village and kills their son, forcing them to flee, a veteran warrior, and his resourceful wife, seek to return to the enemy-occupied village and risk their lives to retrieve the boy’s body in order to give him a proper burial and, them, much needed closure.

I am an independent filmmaker and an emerging professional screenwriter. I have written dozens of shorts and features; along with several TV pilots. Linked below are a few film projects that I either wrote and directed or just wrote.
“The Gargoyle” FB Page-
Other Film Links:
“The Right Call”


Written by: Colin Duncan

Number of Pages: 108 Pages

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Jason (AKA Samson) in his early forties, returns to Belfast following a career in the military, after the sudden and unexplained death of his father. As a boy growing up in Loyalist South Belfast, Jason was a junior amateur boxer, who was on the brink of being recruited into a loyalist paramilitary organisation, (The Sons of Ulster). To escape this potential life of criminality, Jason’s father encouraged him to join the army and leave Northern Ireland. Jason now embarks on a mission to uncover what happened to his father. He meets old friends, rekindles relationships and takes matters into his own hands. He finds Belfast to have modernised, but in many ways has stayed the same. Jason clashes with Ulster Loyalism and finds it is fighting internally, between the old brigade and new form of criminal gangsterism. Jason, a veteran special forces operative, favours brain over brawn, finds himself navigating a series of complex situations throughout the working class streets of South Belfast. Jason is assisted by ex-military pals, who struggle with a loss of identity, culture and PTSD from their former military life. Nothing but nothing, will stand in the way from Jason finding the truth and seeking justice.

Colin Duncan is a retired Civil Servant and graduate of the University of Ulster, having studied criminology and criminal justice. Colin has worked closely with military and police within the UK and has developed an understanding of the complex geopolitical word surrounding Northern Ireland and its struggle to reconcile, whilst maintaining cultural identity following conflict. This is his first fictional script, in which, he explores personal and cultural complexities within loyalist para militarism, and the struggles of servicemen returning home to a modern Northern Ireland.

I write sensitively and strongly from a pragmatic point of view, trying to keep the script real yet imaginative. In this script, I’m conscious about the cultural and religious complexities within post-conflict Northern Ireland. Instead of creating conflicted characters between Catholic and Protestant communities, my protagonist experiences the conflict within Protestant loyalism (an area, I feel not as widely explored as that of Irish Republicanism). I adjust my views at several points during this script, highlighting various dynamics of what is a complicated and modern Northern Ireland.

The Dakota

Written by: Douglas Walter Fisher

Number of Pages: 100 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

An unwitting bystander at the Dakota Building saves John Lennon’s life on the night of December 8, 1980, forcing Lennon to reexamine his life and his new friend to forge his own path in an unfamiliar world.

Douglas Fisher was born and raised in South New Jersey and graduated from Rowan University with a degree in Communications. His passions include writing on his film review blog, pickleball, and his three very demanding cats.

Doug’s screenplay for The Dakota was awarded First Place at the 2022 Williamsburg International Film & Music Competition.

I came up with The Dakota after watching news footage on YouTube of the night John Lennon died. I was ten years old at the time of his death and at the time hadn’t fully grasped the effect his passing had on the world. While watching the videos, I wondered what it would have been like if Lennon were not shot and continued on his journey which was ultimately cut short on December 8, 1980. After many rewrites and detours, I present The Dakota, dedicated to my late son Ryan, my father Frank, and my uncle Bob, who like Lennon were taken from us too soon.


The Color of the Evening Sky

Written by: Linda Kampley

Number of Pages: 43 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

A nurse in a busy chemotherapy office is fighting for her job and against the new overcontrolling supervisor when a patient , her life on the line, enters.

The Color of the Evening Sky, received the “Outstanding Achievement Award” for a short script, in the Indie Short Festival. Winner of the 2019 Jerry Kaufman Award for excellence in playwriting for “Fastened to the Moon. “Fastened to the Moon” was recently published by NEXT STAGE PRESS. Received an Equity Showcase at the Chain Theater in NYC. She has written 5 full-length plays, several short plays and one-acts, including GIRLS and SMALL TALK, both of which are published with . Her collection of monologues, BEAUTIFUL IN HATS is published on Her collection of poetry NEITHER LAUGHTER NOR TOUCHING is also published on Amazon. Her full length play VISITORS’ DAY received a reading at the UpTown Theatre in Manhattan, and WHICH WAY DID THEY GO or MARGARET’S DAYDREAM, received a reading at the Frederick Loew Room in NYC, with Zach Grenier, Kate Kearney Patch, Richmond Hoxie, Bonnie Black . SLEEPWALKER TIME received a production by American Renaissance Theater Company in their Winter Series. The Lamp was also produced at the Equity Library Theater; and the WRONG CARD was seen at the New York Festival of one-act plays. Her one-act play THE COLOR OF THE EVENING SKY has been produced twice in New York City: at St. Clement’s, and at St Jean’s Playhouse; and also in Los Angeles by the West Coast Ensemble. Her one act SMALL TALK also received a production at St. Clement’s in New York City. THE COLOR OF THE EVENING SKY and SMALL TALK are both recorded at the Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. Linda is a member of Dramatists Guild , SAG-AFTRA and Equity.

I wrote The Color of the Evening Sky first as a theater piece, but I think it would also be a lovely film. The characters are strong and emotions universal. One reviewer said “the play is remarkable intelligent and humane. Its images of human cruelty and compassion have poetry, humor and are shudderingly authentic.”

Meeting Director Sam Peckinpah

Written by: Nancee LaFayette

Number of Pages: 61 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

One cold morning at the Apachieland saloon two men walked in and sat at the end of the bar to my right. One was a big fellow with wavy hair down to his shoulders, mustached and bearded—he looked like he’d seen better days. The other man was smaller, also bearded and mustached, and wore a bandanna on his head. I asked the big fella, ”What’s your name?” “Frank Kawaloski,” he smiled. “Are you guys with the film crew?” They nodded. I looked them over and said, “I hear the director is a Little Cesar and when he says jump, you ask how high?” The smaller man asked, “Do you want a shot of brandy in your coffee?” “Yes,” I replied, as it was freezing in the saloon. Frank asked if I was afraid, and I said, “NO! That guy better not try pushing me or…” and I raised my little fist and shook it. Frank looked at the smaller man and said, “Do you see that SAM? You better behave, or this little girl will part your hair!” “Really? I’m Sam Peckinpah.” We stared at each other for a bit then I said, “Gotta Go”, finished my coffee, jumped off the barstool, and skedaddled.

When the film crew started working in town, I was an extra. Every time I turned around, I caught him looking at me. Understand, although people said I looked like Doris Day, I didn’t think so. I always had a weight problem and I didn’t like myself. I didn’t understand what was happening, as all my emotions were going crazy. Why this man? Why did I have these strong feelings for this old grizzly guy? I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, my heart hammered, and my head hurt. I wanted to run but needed the money, so worked and tried to keep my distance.

The following day, Sam worked the crew from 8 AM to 3 AM. There was always tension on the set, but that night electricity was in the dry cold desert air. Sam looked at me and said, ”You walk by with that cowboy over there and be happy and gay.” “No, I’m tired, find somebody else.” Lucian Ballard looked at me pleadingly. “Ok”, I said, and picked a cowboy from our street shows, walked past the camera, turned, looked into the camera, and said, “Ha. Ha, Ha,” and kept walking. Sam softly said, “Cut… you, my dear are a rotten, rotten, Rotten actress!” “Do it again, Goddammit!” The second time I did do it perfectly.

The next morning up at the barn standing near a beautiful black horse, I looked down the street and watched Sam standing in the middle of the road giving orders to the crew. You’ve heard of road rage, well, I had horse rage. Before I knew it, I was up on that black horse leaning down his neck and said, “You see that man? He called me a rotten, rotten, rotten actress. Let’s kill ‘em.” I kicked that horse and we thundered down the road hell-bent for leather. Sam saw us coming, didn’t move a muscle, and just stood there. Luckily the horse was smarter than me, sidestepped at the last instant so that my leg hit Sam’s arm, and twisted him into the direction we were going.

Pulling up the horse, I looked back and saw Sam standing there looking at me with a Mona Lisa smirk on his face.

The story is emotional, funny, and sad…

The film ends with a mini-documentary…

My career in acting and singing started as a young girl in Rhode Island. Education in making movies and television shows began at Apache Land Movie Ranch, Arizona. I was dragged up the street and shot five times a day in live street shows; I also worked as an extra and stunt woman for productions that used the Ranch’s town as a location. In this environment, I worked with many Hollywood Legends including Director Sam Peckinpah, who did “ The Wild Bunch”, Elvis Presley and Audie Murphy.
Universal Studios was my film school and greatest teacher. This is where I studied the many different aspects of the motion picture industry for thirteen years. All the studio departments (titles, film editing, special effects, etc.) opened their doors and invited me into their domains. It was a great experience to be allowed on sets to watch and learn from many of the great actors, actresses, directors and fine crafts people.
I started as a tour guide and worked my way up to middle management. As a tour guide I gave VIP Tours and worked on special events for Mr. and Mrs. Lew Wasserman and other studio executives. At the same time, I was working on my acting and got my first role at Paramount Pictures in “The Day of the Locust” as Ginger Rogers. My studio told me that “…Doris Day’s look was out and so was I.” It was difficult to lose the tour guide image and, being young, I didn’t accept offers from many departments to join them. (Edith Head wanted me to have my head examined.)
I kept up with the Industry by continuing my education. I have studied Independent Producing at UC Berkeley, screen-writing seminars and have been perfecting my directing skills.
Stories help us to learn about life, and with the knowledge that I have both lived and learned, it’s time to write my sagas. I’m turning my movie scripts into books, my animation stories into graphic novels, and will take a private investigator course.

Working at Universal Studios gave me access to so many talented directors, and working with Director Sam Peckinpah was a major event in my life. This is my true story…

MAGGIE: Never Bitter

Written by: Theresa Ann James Shotwell

Number of Pages: 116 Pages

Country of Origin: United States

A young and loved teacher, Maggie, learns her father is dying, returns home, and becomes unexpected prey for her deranged stepmother. MNB is a modern reality and part fable family drama/mystery that weaves wealth, danger, betrayal, love, and faith into a richly satisfying story framed in songs.

Dr. Taj Shotwell, aka Theresa Ann James Shotwell, educator, author, poet, screenwriter, playwright and songwriter. Raised in Memphis, Tennessee by a career Army Sargent and a gospel singer/homemaker during segregation as the sixth child of eleven children. Obtained former education in San Francisco where she taught business at colleges and universities while working as an accountant. Later joined the faculty at FAMU in the business school and later in education. She taught accounting, professional development, educational leadership courses, and Chaired a department before retirement. She has written and published non-fiction and fiction books including a 3-part coming of age in Memphis based on her life called Middle Child. Founder/President of the upcoming day and boarding school called the, Business of Arts Academy International for 7-12th graders. The keystone for the school is the book she wrote Professional Development for Preprofessionals… She wrote a dramatic faith-based book Maggie: Never Bitter which she adapted as a musical and won awards. The related album of 16 songs is sold on iTunes. Her book Family and Faith, is an inspirational memoir of fifty short stories/poems about several generations of family and friends in Memphis and her international travels. On her birthday in 2019, Taj humbly received a “Memphis Living Legends Award. “ Taj currently lives in Tallahassee. Has one daughter and two grandchildren. Her website is