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Welcome to our Script Festival!
The Oxford Script Awards has the goal of promoting and recognizing emerging screenwriting talent from around the world. Our festival brings together a diverse group of writers, industry professionals, and audiences to celebrate the art of storytelling and screenwriting.

Our mission is to provide a clear pathway to production for winning screenwriters by engaging in meaningful partnerships with our partner directors and production companies.

We are a team of film enthusiasts and professionals who are passionate about fostering a community of screenwriters and providing them with opportunities to showcase their work. Our festival is dedicated to discovering new voices and providing a platform for diverse and underrepresented perspectives in the film industry.

Our team of judges is composed of renowned screenwriters, producers, and directors who are committed to identifying and rewarding the best in new and original screenplays. Each screenplay will be properly reviewed by our clear-sighted jury according to appropriate requirements of an expert analysis.

We believe that the power of storytelling has the ability to inspire, educate, and connect us all. Join us in celebrating the art of screenwriting at the Oxford Script Awards.

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All projects will be reviewed by a professional team of screenwriters and the highest scored ones will be selected as Winners or Official Selected!

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