Official Selection

Project Title
Skinned107 PagesCarlos Perez
Hoodoo88 PagesKen Cosentino
Little Africa – A Tale of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street120 PagesCurtis R Adair
Turn the Sandglass119 PagesRobert Gokay
Next Time We Meet112 PagesRobert Gokay
Live MYour Life82 PagesPhilipp Weiler
Le Train121 PagesWilliam C Swanson
MAGGIE: Never Bitter116 PagesTheresa Ann James Shotwell
SUPREMACY120 PagesRosalyn Rosen
The Empty Garage80 PagesElan Maier
The Bard61 PagesJay Apking, Amanda Cifaldi
Wrath99 PagesMartin White II
The Colouring Book7 PagesToby Smith
THE UNSEEN TERROR94 PagesBarry Siskind
The Highwayman80 PagesPatrick Norman
Fight for your life 12 PagesDaniela Cruz
Euroball105 PagesDavid Carl Raymer
Without Roots111 PagesMelanie Hope Lang
Agwajiing the Sanatorium10 PagesStory by Winona LaDuke, Script by Michael O’Rourke
THE BANNER110 PagesErnestina Juarez
Diversion122 PagesRobert Isabella
Magic Man105 PagesRobert Isabella
The Light109 PagesKeelan Gallagher
The Alluring Nature Of Orchid Mantises194 PagesGrethel Ramos
The Color of the Evening Sky43 PagesLinda Kampley
Fright Games118 PagesSteven Paul McCarthy
SOUTH WIND COME108 PagesErnestina Juarez
A Child’s Voice 56 PagesKaren Matthews
Sight Specific22 PagesPeter Hardy
Seven Minutes107 Pageslouis greco
Home Port UK36 PagesPaul Michael Maher
The Impossible Question20 PagesJeremy Germain
Sunshine House115 PagesNanci Carol Ruby
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity54 PagesAmanda J. Roraback
Brothers of Babylon 98 PagesGabriel Michael Womack
The Bridal Posse104 PagesScott D Cox
Master Speesa!123 PagesRosie Malek-Yonan, Monica Malek-Yonan
SKATING ON THIN ICE98 PagesBob Canning
Brahma’s Feet102 PagesKrystopher Hugo Neto Taulois de Andrade
A Rather Lovely Thing20 PagesCasey Mensing
Haphazard100 PagesKitty Harper
Once Upon A Time, There Was A Man Called Peter98 PagesKitty Harper
Remember Me?66 PagesMartha Grace Jorja Evans
The New Moon in the Old Moon’s Arms13 PagesDavid Sanders
Lurks Inc.66 PagesAlex Vickery-Howe
Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi105 PagesByron E Anderson
Olvidado120 Pagesd. b. Roderick
Never The Same Mira29 PagesMichael Thomas Yahn
Urban Repercussions114 PagesMichelle Harbin
CONFIDENCES OF A PSYCHOLOGIST –  Robert’s obsessionNot specifiedAntonio Bellido
A Mountain War123 PagesRonald McQueen
“THE RACE”60 PagesAlexander Platt, Slade Mead, Winter Mead
The Lamplighter121 PagesPamela Hanson
Kabuk (The Shell)18 PagesHakan Ünal
Sa o Roma Babo156 PagesAlbana Muja, Agim Sopi
Grief9 PagesKelly Cochran-Yzquierdo
Templin Highway112 PagesWilliam Prosser
Exodus18 PagesAlex De Luca, Carl Staples
Centurions110 PagesSally Claire Stubbs
Obadiah106 PagesTony Schweikle
Just Talk10 PagesPatrick Bailey
Meeting Director Sam Peckinpah61 PagesNancee LaFayette
Worlds Apart134 PagesTim Vogel
Culture Shock102 PagesJodi Levitan
A Scottish Gem93 PagesYvonne Lucrezia Condrau
The Dakota 100 PagesDouglas Walter Fisher
EdgeTown117 PagesGed Maybury
The Loser’s Club118 PagesJonathan Turner Smith
Minding Therapy97 PagesRos C Johnson
URGENT BEAUTY87 PagesAna Ingham
Samson108 PagesColin Duncan
Somewhere to Run104 PagesGary J Klavans
The Judas Apocalypse111 PagesDan McNeil, Jasmine Aziz
The Magic Mechanic20 PagesJustin M Carter
The Show Must Go On100 PagesLauren Foley
Ammani Love: Dancing Warriors & Desperate Lovers33 PagesAhmad Abu Zannad, Hamzah Abu Zannad
Happy as Larry83 PagesHugo André
Earmark118 PagesTom Zarnowski
Omakase100 PagesAlena Alova
Will’s Secret94 PagesKevin Short
Monument to Love01:22:25Jacky Comforty, Martha Aladjem Bloomfield
The War on Peace110 PagesGary Porpora
The Hollow Earth180 PagesKenneth James
Lancelot and Onion 89 PagesRhys Llewelyn Lloyd-Jones
Give Me Strength 103 PagesSharron Miller
Ghost Station103 PagesSuzy Stein, Fernando Perez
Life Is But A Dream5 PagesMike Johnston
A Broken Soldier112 PagesNoel Kearns
IMMORAL IMMORTAL112 PagesMark Donnell
A Boy Called Freddie103 PagesSophie Rose Neville
THE MEETING HOUSE97 PagesSophie Rose Neville
The Adventures Harris & Jermaine103 PagesAmber L White
Lindsay Lohan’s Love Club25 PagesSam Plumbe
Good News Gary109 PagesChad Hutson
Tangled Tails5 PagesOleg Aurel Condrea
It’s A Grand Night For Murder104 PagesJoe Starzyk
Devi00:08:56Divya P Sharma
Sand: Part I “Invasion”93 PagesRhyess Nash